About Us

Dust Free®'s core business is providing engineered solutions for alleviating IAQ problems in HVAC applications.

Dust Free® is a family owned and operated business headquartered in Royse City, TX, just 40 miles east of downtown Dallas. Dust Free® was established in July of 1982 as a manufacturing company specializing in air filtration equipment designed to benefit allergy patients who needed a clean indoor environment.

The founders of Dust Free®, Gilbert & Jane Burnett of Rockwall, Texas, formed the company out of a near tragedy in their family. An undetected gas leak in their home in Rockwall severely affected the health of the entire family. As a result, it was necessary to have clean air in their home because of their sensitivities to dust, pollen, and mold. Products that were available at the time were either too expensive, ineffective, or toxic due to materials used in their construction.

Gil had made filters for their home for several years and designed a new air filter for allergy patients. His doctor, Dr. Donald Sprague of the Environmental Health Center of Dallas, Texas, approved the filters he made and began referring patients to Gil for similar products.

Production of Dust Free® products began in May of 1983. The first filters were built in Gil's garage, but rapid growth soon required that the company be moved to a 4,000 sq. ft. building in the Industrial Park in Royse City, Texas. Work began in April, 1985, on the development of a new design for room and auto air purifiers. The first models were introduced in February, 1986, to doctors specializing in clinical ecology and allergy. Demand for the company's products required Dust Free® to obtain a larger manufacturing space which today totals 37,000 sq. ft. located at 1112 Industrial Drive, Royse City, Texas.

Today, Dust Free® now manufactures a wide variety of air purification equipment designed to help allergy patients in both residential and business locations. The company also provides indoor air quality training for its distributors and has a very active research and development program designed to meet the indoor air quality needs of the future.

As owners of the company, Gil and Jane Burnett have allergy problems themselves. Therefore, the company is committed to continuing its development of products that are designed to help reduce the symptoms associated with exposure to environmental pollutants. Their son, Gregg Burnett, took over operation of Dust Free® in 1999 and now manages the company as CEO.