Dust Free

Dust Free® Announces MicroPure® Total Home Active Air Purifier.

Royse City, TX – January 2012. Dust Free, LP is pleased to announce the launch of the new MicroPure total home active air purifier powered by MX4 ionic oxidation technology.

Lab test data shows MicroPure’s patent pending metallic catalyst MX4 core produces ionic air scrubbers that neautralize odors and microbial contaminants not only in the air but also on surfaces in the home.

MicroPure also comes with patent pending high impact point of purchase packaging that allows distributors and dealers to effectively present the product to prospective customers easily and efficiently. All of the features, benefits, and installation points of sale are presented in a fresh, four-color format via a transparent packaging design that has received extremely good review from the various focus groups that MicroPure has been presented to.

Incorporating technology originally developed to clean the air in the International Space Station, MicroPure’s high output ultraviolet lamp provides energy to the MX4 photocatalyst that uses water vapor in the air along with the light energy to create the clustered ionic air scrubbers.

For more information on MicroPure please visit www.dustfree.com or contact 800.441.1107.